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Marketing Leads

A new business opens every minute, a business files bankruptcy every 8 minutes, a business closes every 3 minutes, a suit, Lien or judgment is filed against a company every 14 seconds, a chief Executive officer changes every minute, a company name changes every 2 minutes, a minimum of 5% of your data goes bad every month. Let Kougar Data update your databse with up-to-date, complete and micro-targeted leads

Technology Leads

Technology Leads delivers high powered IT Decision making executives with tremendous budgets that can make any campaign a success. They are heavy hitters who establish the budgets for their company and approve spending for all Technology products and services that can improve their organization's efficiency and position in the market place. Establish contact with prospects from different technical backgrounds. Our Technology Lead database is compiled after extensive market research and verification. It includes complete personal and professional information.

Nurture Marketing

Develop new business opprtunities consistently, let Kougar Data generate quality ready to close leads for you on an On-going basis. Prospects engage with you only if they know or atleast recognize you. It's all about timing, you never know when they would have a need for your products/services. Just one or two campaigns will not bring satisfactory results. What is out of sight is out of mind. Kougar Data will keep you in touch with your prospect often creating brand awareness and generating quality leads consistently.

Database Assessment

Refresh, update, validate and correct your existing database

Other solutions

Market Survey, Website Analysis, Email Campaign, CRM Solutions, Landing Page Optimizations, Brand Management, Web Analysis, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Offshore Support, Telemarketing Campaign.