Marketing Leads

Marketing Leads

A new business opens every minute, a business files bankruptcy every 8 minutes, a business closes every 3 minutes, a suit, Lien or judgment is filed against a company every 14 seconds, a chief Executive officer changes every minute, a company name changes every 2 minutes, a minimum of 5% of your data goes bad every month. Let Kougar Data update your databse with up-to-date, complete and micro-targeted leads.How do we do it?

Telemarketing Leads

Meeting someone in person is great, conversing over the phone is the next best type of meeting. Get access to details of leads who already have a proven interest in your product or service.

Email Marketing Leads

Is your reach very wide? Do you have a huge target audience? Is making calls becoming expensive? Why don't you reach out via email first and then use your telemarketing budgets only on the leads that have shown interest in knowing more about your product or service. Let Kougar Data be your front line marketer, start off with our email marketing leads and take it from there.

Postal Marketing Leads

Direct mail your best prospects with enticing and personalized offers.

All-in-One Marketing Leads

Start off by sending an email to Mr.XYZ letting him know about your offer. A couple days later, Call him to find out if he received your email and what he thinks about it. Send over material via direct mail based on Mr. XYZ's questions and interests. Let your top closers reach out to Mr.XYZ, he is a ready to close lead. .